Microdermabrasion Post Care

A microdermabrasion treatment is a procedure with certain inherent risks. If you follow your skin care professional’s advice and directions, the risk of complications in this procedure is small. Anything that you do against your skin care professionals advice increases the chances of you having complications.
Prior to your treatment certain conditions may require postponement of your treatment. These include:

  • Inflamed acne lesions
  • Open cuts or scratches on your face
  • Active cold sores on lips and or face
  • Any facial surgery within 3 months

In addition, if you are under physical or mental stress, it is not a good time for a treatment. Most patients who undergo this kind of a therapy have only a little redness for 12 to 24 hours. Occasionally, they may have very slight flaking in a few localized areas for 1 to 2 days. Still it is extremely important that you do not pick, scratch, pull or rub your skin during or after. If you do, you may damage the underlying new skin and cause scarring or changes in your pigmentation.
If, despite these warnings, you pick or rub your skin, you may alter the results and your skin care professional may not elect to perform any further treatments on you if there is doubt that you will follow instructions exactly.

On the day of your treatment please avoid extensive exercise, sun or tanning beds, swimming pools and any hot water including saunas, Jacuzzis and hot tubs and waxing hair removal.
During the entire time of healing (2 – 7 days), you should only use the products recommended by your skin care professional. If these products are not available apply a bland moisturizer to your skin as often as needed. Do not apply any medications or glycolic acid products during this time or your skin may become irritated. Be sure to use sun screen daily.
It will be your responsibility to follow this advice since you will be caring for your skin at home and your signed consent form is your promise to us that you will do so.

Please realize that these warnings are for your protection. If you are unsure of something or don’t understand the directions, call the office before you do anything!

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