New Skin Facial Club

Great skin health takes work. Let us make it easy for you by joining the New Skin Facial Club. There are 2 memberships types: 

Standard – You understand the value of self care and are looking to be more regular with your facial regime. This provides 2 free annual facials / peels.

Acne – You are ready to take control back from your acne. This 3 month program is customized for you and evolves as your skin does. Weekly appointments allow us to use a combination of services to significantly reduce inflammatory acne and get you on the path to more stable, healthy skin.

Ready To Join?

Standard Membership

$720 | Annual Membership

8 Facials / Peels

An annual membership gives you access to 8 facials or peels of your choice. It all starts with booking a in-person consultation where we determine your skin care goals and the best path to get there. Club members also benefit from a 10% discount on all additional skin services including dermaplaning, microdermabrasion and micro-needling.

Of course through our amazing partnership with TreeEra we will give back to the environment and a minimum of 8 trees will be planted on your behalf! 

Acne Membership

$750 | 12 Weeks 


The Acne membership is a 12 week program where we help you take back control from your acne. We will use a combination of facials, high frequency, LED light therapy and chemical peels during a weekly 30-45 minute visit. Along with a prescribed home care routine (products are included!) we will reduce both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne and then target hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Our first visit will be a 90 minute sessions consisting of a skin consultation and analysis, your first acne targeting facial and an overview of your take home products and home care routine.

Acne member graduates also receive 10% Standard Memberships when purchased within 30 days of finishing the program.

Choose from any of our facials or chemical peels. In fact when you select our Evergreen Facial you will also receive a free booster of your choice (Oxygen or CBD)! Please note that there is a $20 surcharge for the Back Facial.

Your Standard member benefits start with a 30 minute in person consultation where we go over your skin goals and determine the best way to get you there. Acne members start off with a skin consultation and acne targeting facial on our first visit. Click the “Become a Member” button above and schedule a spot. 

We will get the membership sorted when we meet and you’ll get a welcome pack at that time as well.

Facials and peels are just the beginning of what New Skin offers. Your 10% member discount can be used towards dermaplaning, dermaplaning hydration treatments, microdermabrasion and even micro-needling.

The annual membership is $720 +GST so its the equivalent of getting over 2 free facials in the year at the standard price. And if you were considering enhancement skin treatments like microdermabrasion and micro-needling the savings are even steeper with out member discounting.

We are proud partners with TreeEra and have mandated that a tree be planted for each appointment that we take. Everyone knows that helping the environment and being socially responsible is the right thing to do, but now it can feel even better.

Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Standard members will receive the member discount for a calendar year after signing up and the 8 facial / peels must be used within 12 months of purchase.