Chemical Peels

Nourishing Spring Peel

$110 | 60 Minutes

This gentle age defying peel will deliver facial rejuvenation to reduce dark spots, fine lines / wrinkles and result in an up to 50% more youthful looking skin. Combined with 30% Protease enzyme this peel sloughs away dead skin to expose tight and supple hydrated skin.

Recommended for: Aging skin, hyperpigmentation and photo aging

Pine Peel

$125 | 60 Minutes

A superior exfoliation that rejuvenates while brightening skin. Incorporating lactic acid this peel treatment will increase the skins natural moisture supply, restore its barrier and target pigmentation. For best results a series of 6 treatments is recommended.

Recommended for: Dehydrated skin, photo aged skin and pigmentation

Golden Larch Peel

$125 | 60 Minutes

This peel is formulated with glycolic and lactic acid to smooth the skins texture, reduce fine lines, dislodge comedones and reduce hyperpigmentation. For best results a series of 6 treatments is recommended.

Recommended for: Aging skin, acne, dehydrated skin, photo damaged skin and pigmentation

Chemical Peel Add-Ons

Oxygen Boost


This additive booster generates more oxygen supply to cutaneous cells which are needed for cell energy, protein cytoglobin to transport oxygen and homeostasis. Benefit from an instant boost to circulation, increase in cellular activity, disincrust pores and kill acne causing bacteria with this in treatment add-on.

CBD Boost


The professional CBD booster is a potent regenerative enhancement that contains the purest form of Cannabidiol (CBD) in North America. This perfected serum is concentrated to fight against premature aging and other skin conditions benefiting from one of the most powerful antioxidants.